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Registration terms and conditions

Payment methods

Credit card (recommended method)

Bank transfer

Note: The bank transfer option will no longer be available after 25 April 2017. Only credit card payments will be accepted after that date.

Registration confirmation

You will automatically receive your registration confirmation by e-mail once you have completed your registration. Please bring this confirmation along with you to the event (or have it available on your phone). You will be able to print your name badge by scanning the barcode displayed on your confirmation at a self-print station in the registration area.

If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you still do not see the confirmation e-mail, please contact the Registration Secretariat at [email protected].

Discount code

Any discount code must be applied at the time of registration and may not be applied retroactively once the registration has been completed. The discount code will be valid only if the registration and payment terms have been met. If the invoice is not paid on time, the discount arrangements lapse automatically.

Discount codes may not be combined and are not available onsite.

Cancellation/refund policy

There will be NO refund for cancellations of:

Cancellation of conference passes must be notified by e-mail to the Registration Secretariat and will be subject to the following conditions:

Any applicable refund will be processed after the event.

Any refund to credit card payments may only be credited back to the original credit card and cannot be refunded to a different card.

Name change

Name change is permitted at any time and at no cost. Substitute must work for the same company as the original participant, must be in the same registration category (or additional fees may apply) and invoicing information must stay the same. Name change must be notified in writing to the Registration Secretariat along with full contact details of the substitute.

Once a badge has been issued onsite, a name change is no longer allowed.


Name badge may be picked up onsite at the registration desk and will NOT be mailed in advance.

Registration desk will be located at the level 0 of the East Entrance of the venue (ExCeL London Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, United Kingdom) and available during the following hours:

For organisational and security reasons, the name badge must be worn at all times during the event. Access to the different areas will not be granted without a proper name badge.

Participants may not share a pass between multiple participants.

Lost/forgotten badge

In case of a lost or forgotten badge, a replacement badge will only be provided after verification of identification (ID card, passport, driving license or any other recognised identification paper).


Registration to WindEurope events falls into the exception foreseen at the article 52 of the EU VAT directive 2006/112/CE: “The place of supply of the event services shall be the place where the services are physically carried out.”

In other terms, the VAT rate of the country where the event takes place applies when paying a registration. Even if your organisation is VAT registered, WindEurope has to apply local VAT and pay this VAT to the UK Authorities.

The WindEurope VAT number for this event is: GB223553429


If you pay by credit card, you will access your legal tax invoice via the confirmation e-mail you will automatically receive upon completion of your registration.

If you pay by bank transfer, you will access a proforma invoice via the confirmation e-mail you will automatically receive upon completion of your registration. Payment is due within 7 days after submitting your registration. Once your payment has been received, you will be sent a notification by e-mail including your legal tax invoice.

Please note that we are issuing a pro forma invoice that should be considered as an invitation to pay to comply with the invoicing rules implemented by Belgian legislation. Basically, according to the EU Directive 2006/112/EC, a legal tax invoice must be issued only once the service has been supplied or if a payment has been made upfront. This is the reason why Belgian Authorities highly recommend not to issue a legal tax invoice in advance. Moreover the Belgian law stipulates that a legal tax invoice can only be issued upon occurrence of the tax point (i.e. transaction date or payment date, whatever comes first – in case of continuous services this would be the settlement period or the payment date, whatever comes first). The legal tax invoice will be issued once we have received the payment.

Note: The invoice will be issued using the invoice details you will provide on the registration form. Please make sure you provide us with the correct information. An administrative fee may apply if an invoice has to be re-issued due to changes in the invoicing information.

Visa invitation letter

An invitation letter will only be provided to participants who have registered and paid the required registration fees. Participants who need an official invitation letter in order to obtain a visa should send their request to the Registration Secretariat with the following information: registration number, first name, last name, birth date, country of origin, passport number, passport issue date and passport expiry date.

Please note that WindEurope will not be able to contact or intervene with any Embassy or Consulate office on behalf of a participant. The invitation letter does not financially obligate WindEurope in any way. All expenses incurred in relation to the event and to obtaining a visa are the sole responsibility of the participant. WindEurope does not accept any responsibility for travel, accommodation and/or other costs incurred due to the rejection of a participant’s visa application.

Invitation letter is sent by e-mail. If the visa invitation letter needs to be originally signed and stamped by WindEurope, please note that it will be sent by via standard post. In case an express delivery is needed, the participant shall arrange pick-up of the document on his/her own and will be responsible for all associated costs. WindEurope does not assume any costs for express delivery.

WindEurope will grant visa invitation letters up to four (4) weeks prior to the event date. Within four (4) weeks to the event date visa invitation letters cannot be guaranteed.

Should the visa application be denied or not approved in time to attend the event, WindEurope will refund the full registration fee if and only the participant provides the WindEurope Registration Secretariat with an official document from the concerned Embassy/Consulate rejecting the visa and that the application was submitted in due time. Please note that a notification sent to WindEurope after the event will not be accepted.

Photographs and videos

The Organisers* reserve the right to photograph and videotape Offshore Wind Energy 2017 and participants and to use these photographs and videos in any internal and external communication related to The Organisers’ events, including, but not limited to, their websites and mobile applications, social media pages, event daily newspapers, conference programme, newsletters, exhibition publications and annual reports. Participants hereby consent to such uses.

Data protection

By registering for this event, you (the participant) agree that your personal data will be processed by WindEurope (WindEurope asbl/vzw, 80 Rue d’Arlon, 1040 Brussels, Belgium) for registration and handling purposes, as well as to send you information in connection with The Organisers’ events. If you do not submit the data indicated as “required”, we cannot complete your registration.


WindEurope may not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to any property, whatever the cause may be. Liability of persons and enterprises providing means of transportation or other services, however, remains unaffected. Should, the venue or speakers change, or should the event be cancelled for any reason outside the organisers’ control (including, but not limited to acts of terrorism, extreme weather conditions and/or industrial action), the organisers will endeavour to re-schedule, but shall not be held responsible for any costs, damages or expenses incurred by registrants. If for any reason the organisers decide to make material changes to this event, they are not responsible for airfares, hotels or other costs incurred by registrants. The customer takes part in the event, all tours and trips at his/her own risk. Furthermore, the organisers may not be held liable for any costs or damages incurred as a result of events outside of their control, including, but not limited to force majeure, strikes and/or public manifestations. Only written arrangements are binding. The sole legal venue is Brussels. Registration of a participant entails acceptance of these conditions.

In any disputes that may arise concerning the execution or interpretation of the present General Regulations, both parties agree that they will be subject to Belgian law and that the commercial courts of Brussels will be competent, without prejudice to WindEurope’s right to initiate proceedings under the laws and before the courts of the participant’s registered office in the event that any sums are due by the participant to WindEurope.


*The Organisers refers to WindEurope and RenewableUK, co-organisers of Offshore Wind Energy 2017.