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PO001 Hammer comes down on the lowest bid … and the highest risk?…and how to insure?
Ralf Skowronnek, Head of Renewable Energy, Marsh GmbH
PO003 Market assessment of off-shore wind energy innovations: An attribute-matching framework
Aldert Otter, Researcher, Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland
PO004 Offshore wind project assessment under uncertainty
Negar Akbari, PhD student, University of Portsmouth
PO005 Impacts of Financial Optimisation Objectives on Wind Farm Design
Richard Gale, Renewables Analyst, Uniper
PO006 Pruning for a Richer Harvest – Varying the Hub Height across the Windfarm
Andrew Henderson, Lead Windfarm Engineer, DONG Energy
PO009 Intellectual Property Infringement Risks Threaten Offshore Project Viability
Philip Totaro, CEO, Totaro & Associates
PO010 Development of an economical and insured TLP substructure for a 6MW wind turbine – Use of steel reinforced concrete composite material
Frank Adam, PostDoc / Groupleader, University of Rostock
PO013 A Transition from Deterministic to Stochastic Cost Models for Offshore Wind Farms -The End of “Best, Worse and Average” Scenarios
Esteve Borràs Mora, Research Engineer, University of Edinburgh
PO014 Cost of energy – new frontiers
Asif Hayat, Technical lead for offshore wind development projects, US East coast, Statoil
PO015 ODIN-WIND The full process of Decommissioning and its ability to reduce cost in offshore wind.
Johan Finsteen Gjoedvad, Project Manager, NIRAS
PO016 The true costs of decommissioning: How innovation and preparation can reduce the high cost of decommissioning
Emilie Reeve, Manager, Carbon Trust

Resource Assessment

PO017 Verifying production losses due to yaw misalignment: iSpin yaw
Nick Janssen, Wind and performance specialist, ROMO Wind
PO018 Offshore wind-temperature mapped from JAXA`s Satellite remote AMSR2 sensing over the North Pacific Ocean
Elisa Sorrivi, Associate Researcher, Faculty of Engineering – University of Bologna – Italy
PO019 High Quality Test Stand for Commercial Nacelle-Lidar Accredited Calibrations
Torkel Dyrkorn Løland, Project engineer, COWI A/S
Antoine Borraccino, PhD student, DTU Wind Energy
PO021 Introduction to a New Standard – IEC 61400-15 Assessment of site specific wind conditions for wind power stations – Progress Update for Offshore
Andrew Henderson, Lead Windfarm Engineer, DONG Energy
PO022 A Numerical Study of Wind Turbine Wake by Large Eddy Simulation and Proposal for a New Analytical Wake Model
Guowei QIAN, PhD candidate, The University of Tokyo
PO023 Bias in the P50 – The Penalty of a Poor Resource Measurement Campaign
Andrew Henderson, Lead Windfarm Engineer, DONG Energy
PO025 Comparison of offshore winds from ASCAT and WRF model in near coastal waters
Yuko Takeyama, Senior Researcher, AIST
PO026 Near-shore wind resource estimation using lidar measurements and modelling
Rogier Floors, Scientist, DTU
PO027 Scanning LiDAR in Offshore Wind – how far can it go?
Michael Stephenson, Offshore Wind Associate, Carbon Trust
PO028 Asymmetric uncertainties in offshore wind turbine availability: comparison with real operational wind farm data
Marie-Anne Cowan, Senior Engineer, DNV GL
PO029 On the role of gaps in measurement data and filling strategies with respect to AEP calculations for offshore wind farms
Martin Doerenkaemper, Research Associate, Fraunhofer IWES
PO030 Provision of State-of-the-art MetOcean Design Conditions for the Dutch Offshore Wind Farms
Maziar Golestani, MSc. MetOcean Engineer, DHI
PO032 Quantification of grid related energy yield losses: Experience gained in German offshore projects
Martin Strack, Manager Site and Energy Assessment, Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH
PO034 Offshore wind – A safe investment! Developing best practice to avoid offshore wind farm yield over-prediction
Matthew Colls, Co-founder & director, Prevailing
PO035 Wave Time History Realisations – Pitfalls and Solutions
Louise Devaney, Senior Structural Engineer, Atkins
PO036 The effect of met mast on wind speed measurement and its correction by using computational fluid dynamics
Atsushi Yamaguchi, Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
PO037 Investigation of an infrared sea surface temperature measurement as part of a system for determining offshore atmospheric stability
Richard Fruehmann, Research Engineer, UL International GmbH – DEWI
PO038 IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting
Gregor Giebel, Senior Research Scientist, DTU Wind Energy
PO039 Medium-range probabilistic forecast of wind power ramps based on the hybrid multi-model-analog ensemble using self-organizing maps
Masamichi Ohba, Research Scientist, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
PO040 WakeBlaster – Development of a Real-Time Wind Farm Simulator
Wolfgang Schlez, Director, ProPlanEn
PO041 Offshore power curve verification with Nacelle 2-beam LIDAR on V164
Tue Hald, Senior specialist, MHI Vestas
PO043 Cable condition assessment and montitoring of online and energized cables using LIRA
Morten Huseby, CEO, Wirescan AS

Turbine Technology

PO045 No inverter, no magnets, no gearbox- wind turbine power train with SimplWind generator
Vlado Dr. Ostovic, Professor, University of Applied Sciences
PO047 Cross Comparison of two Analysis Tools for a Braceless Semi-Submersible Wind TurbineVersus Ocean Basin Test Results
Nikolaos Lampropoulos, Mechanical Engineer, Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES)
PO048 Holistic Modelling of Flexible Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Systems in Modelica
Mareike Leimeister, Research associate, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES
PO049 The numerical simulation of a floating wind turbine. A comparative study.
Cian Desmond, Senior Project Engineer, University College Cork
PO050 Numerical simulation of lifting operations using floating crane for installation and maintenance of floating offshore wind turbines
Sho Oh, Engineer, ClassNK
PO051 Slip Joint full scale test
Jan van der Tempel, CEO, Delft Offshore Turbine (DOT)
Pavel Kapricheski, Product and Applications Manger, Kongsberg Maritime
PO054 A study on the combined wave spectrum model of wind wave and swell
Jun Tanemoto, Researcher, Wind Energy Institute of Tokyo Inc.
PO055 Integration of sensor data and control for safe and fail proof Wind turbine systems, An Introduction to the Smart and clean Wind energy systems.
Mrityunjaya Sherikar, Student, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology
PO056 World’s first craneless bottom-fixed offshore turbine. 5 MW ‘ELISA’ prototype
PO057 Parametric evaluation of main shaft roller bearing configuration for Offshore 10-20MW turbines.
Frederic Platz, Principal Application Engineer Wind, The Timken Company
PO058 Drive train concepts and main shaft bearing solutions; Current concepts and challenges of Multi-MW offshore turbines
Philipp Schmid, Marketing Manager, SKF GmbH
PO059 Numerical study of hydrodynamic coefficients of multiple hulls by large eddy simulations with volume of fluid method
Shining Zhang, Researcher, The University of Tokyo
PO060 Effects of nonlinear waves on prediction of dynamic responses of floating offshore wind turbines
Pan Jia, PhD student, The University of Tokyo
PO061 How the intelligent electrical drivetrain will reduce the overall cost of energy
Matsinen Jari-Pekka, Global Product Line Service Manager for Wind, Drives and Controls Service, ABB Drives and Controls
PO062 Dynamic modeling and load analysis of the 20MW INNWIND.EU reference wind turbine
Rasoul Shirzadeh, Scientific Researcher, ForWind – Center for Wind Energy Research
PO063 Innovation Trends in Offshore Wind Energy
Philip Totaro, CEO, Totaro & Associates
PO064 Increasing Reliability in the Design of Offshore Wind Turbines by Improved Foundation Models
Ana Page, PhD Student, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
PO065 Vibration installation and removal of a monopile
Jan van der Tempel, CEO, Delft Offshore Turbine (DOT)
PO066 Comparison of 10MW Turbine Dynamics Between Bottom Fixed And Floating Foundations
Andreas Manjock, Principal Engineer, DNV GL RC
PO067 The Stochastic fatigue analysis for offshore wind turbine jacket structures using X-SEA
Ki-DU Kim, Professor, Konkuk University
PO068 Cost Effective Wind Turbine Generator Jacket Foundation Design based on Plated Transition Piece
Wangwen Zhao, Chief Engineer, Offshore Design Engineering Ltd
PO069 A Study to Demonstrate the Enhancement of Next Generation Drivetrains by a Composite Low-Speed Coupling
Alexander Kari, Product Manager, Geislinger GmbH
PO070 Fixed Foundation Innovation – the way forward for Deeper Water
Jean-Charles DiSchino, Decommissioning Project Manager, Offshore Design Engineering Ltd
PO071 Cost effective jacket foundation development to support the current and next generation of offshore wind turbines.
Norman Skillen, Managing Director, ST3 Offshore UK Limited
PO072 Application of Virtual Sensing to Offshore Wind Energy Converters with Jacket Substructures
Maximilian Henkel, Civil Engineer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
PO074 TECNALIA approach to Multiphysics Analysis in Offshore Wind and its application to IEA Wind OC5 phase II project
Germán Pérez, Head of Offshore Wind, TECNALIA
PO075 Structural Analysis of Tension Leg Platforms for Floating Wind Turbines
Markus Starr, Engineer, DNV GL
PO076 The benefits of an updated international standard for the future design of offshore wind turbines & their support structures
Tim Camp, Business development director, DNV GL Energy
PO078 Monitoring of wind turbine soil foundations improved by rigid columns
Alain Le Kouby, Researcher, IFSTTAR
PO079 Analysis and Prediction of Monopile Oscillation During Installation
Peter Kingsland, Principal Naval Architect, Longitude Consulting Engineers Ltd.
PO080 Temporal evolution of stiffness for offshore monopile foundations
Wout Weijtjens, FWO Post-Doctoral Researcher, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
PO081 DemoSATH Project – from tank test to full-scale demonstration of a disruptive Floating Offshore Wind solution
David Carrascosa, C.T.O., Saitec Offshore Technologies
PO082 Design & Fabrication of Post-piling Jacket Substructure for the South-West Offshore Wind Farm in South Korea
Daeyong Lee, Senior Research Engineer, POSCO
PO083 Gearbox high speed bearing skidding risks during an electrical grid fault
Jan Helsen, Post-Doc Researcher, Vrije Universiteit Brussel/OWI-lab
PO084 Research at Nobelwind: Project overview
Christof Devriendt, Scientific Coordinator, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
PO085 Damping of offshore wind turbines
Christof Devriendt, Scientific Coordinator, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
PO086 A new magnetic worm geared wind turbine generator for 10MW and beyond
Dave Rodger, Engineer, Bathwick Electrical Design Ltd
PO087 Extreme wave loads on a floating wind turbine system using a high-fidelity approach within the FLOATGEN demo project
Friedemann Borisade, Research Scientist, University of Stuttgart
PO088 Analysis of VCE_on as a Health Monitoring Approach Applied to IGBT Power Modules in Wind Power Converters
Cuili Chen, Ph.D. Student, Newcastle University
PO089 Catenary mooring system design for floating wind turbines – Innovative design solutions and operational aspects
Denis Matha, Senior Engineer, Ramboll
PO090 Unlocking the potential of big data in the design of offshore wind structures
Jorge Parra, Principal Engineer, Atkins
PO091 Design procedure for the Nautilus floating offshore wind Semi-Submersible substructure
Germán Pérez, Head of Offshore Wind, TECNALIA
PO092 Windcrete concept scalability: from 2MW to commercial stage
Pau Trubat, Researcher, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech
PO093 THE MINI JACKET FOUNDATION; Get bigger, by thinking smaller
Simon Lembrechts, Business developer, Temporary Works Design (TWD)
PO094 Offshore wind cost of energy: what are the implications of very large turbines?
Simon Cox, Head of Offshore Projects, DNV GL
PO095 Risk mitigation of new WTG designs beyond 8MW for Offshore Wind Farms
Matthias Henke, Director of German Operations, Wood Group – clean energy
PO096 Technical risks of the upcoming offshore turbine generation (10MW+)
Philipp Stukenbrock, Head of Sales, 8.2 Consulting AG
PO098 The DeRisk project: Latest results on nonlinear wave loads, structural response and Engineering design
Henrik Bredmose, Associate professor, DTU
PO099 Offshore Wind Foundation – State of the Art Review, and onwards to 20MW Wind Turbines!
Narasimhan Sampathkumar, Principal Engineer, Atkins
PO100 Review of Offshore Substation Jacket Substructure Design Development to Challenge the Norms and achieve More Efficient Design
Kate Rudman, Technical Director, Atkins
PO102 Geotechnical and Structural Clustering of Pre-Piled Offshore Wind Turbine Jackets
Alex Hall, Geotechnical Engineer at Atkins, Atkins
PO103 Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation Design including Soil Damping Models In Special Events
Arash Hemmati, PhD student, University of Strathclyde
PO104 Upscaling TLPWIND® floating technology for 10MW Offshore Wind Turbines
Juan Amate, Head of offshore technology, Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construccíon
PO105 Large Offshore Wind Turbine Transformers
Ilario Scian, Global Product Manager, ABB
PO107 BLUE Hammer Facilitates Pile Driving of Offshore Monopiles with Secondary Steel Attached
Jasper Winkes, Founder and director, Fistuca BV
PO109 Optimisation of Offshore Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Packages throughout the O&M Lifecycle
Bruce Celements, Business development manager, Cwind

Supply Chain, O&M and Logistics

PO112 Cost-Efficient Mass Production of Offshore-Wind-Jackets Accomplished by New IndustrialSolutions
Stephan Brauser, Manager technical sales, Salzgitter AG
PO113 Decommissioning of Offshore Wind Installations – What we can Learn
Gillian Smith, Senior Engineer, Offshore Wind Logistics, DNV GL – Energy
PO114 Structural Health Monitoring for Asset Management: Presentation of Monitoring Results
Jens Krieger, Technical Director, airwerk GmbH
PO115 Using geoportal applications supported by Metocean data to improve the efficiency and safety of offshore operations
Graham Howe, Director of sales EME, AXYS Technologies Inc
PO116 Using Economic and Operational Performance Simulations to Make Project Decisions During Concept Planning for Offshore Wind Farm Developments
Suba Sivandran, Director of DAMAC BMT Energy, BMT Energy
PO117 Introduction of Detachable WTIV and its Operability Study to Optimize Installation Cost of Offshore Wind Farm
Sunghun Jung, Senior Manager, Samsung Heavy Industries
PO118 Offshore wind installation costs – A comparative assessment for UK offshore rounds 1, 2 and 3
Jack Paterson, EngD Research Engineer, EDF Energy
PO119 Robust and reliable Structural Health Monitoring solutions for foundation and tower to optimize operation and increase lifetime of offshore wind turbines
Carsten Ebert, Engineering Director, Wölfel Engineering
PO120 An original performance evaluation method for automated failure detection solution using SCADA data analysis
Alexis LEBRANCHU, Docteur ingénieur développement, VALEMO SA
PO121 Towards automated and integrated O&M data collection – standardising workflow processes for the offshore wind industry
Alexios Koltsidopoulos Papatzimos, Research Engineer, EDF Energy R&D UK Centre
PO122 Measuring Subsea Cable Depth of Burial with Passive Magnetics from an Autonomous Vehicle.
Robert Nunn, Managing Director, Innovatum Ltd
PO123 O&M port logistics – from a CTV perspective
Victoria Baagøe-Engels, Industrial PhD student, University of Southern Denmark
PO125 Fiber-optic blade monitoring for loads reduction and condition-based maintenance
Jan Willem Wagenaar, Project manager, ECN Wind Energy
PO126 WINDBOX: Advanced Manufacturing Centre to improve competitiveness in the Basque Country Wind Power supply chain
José Ignacio Hormaeche, Managing Director, Basque Energy Cluster
PO127 Pitch system failure identification using a combination of subject matter expert knowledge of offshore wind turbines and machine learning techniques.
Marco Sepulveda, Reserach Engineer, Lloyd’s Register
PO128 Quantifying the Benefits of Automated Daily Maintenance Planning
Clym Stock-Williams, Wind Energy Consultant, ECN
PO129 Overview of the Joint Industry Project Wave impact on Fixed foundations I and II (WiFi JIP)
Erik-Jan de Ridder, Teamleader RENT, MARIN
PO131 How user documentation can contribute to OPEX reductions of offshore wind farms
Ulrich Voss, Business Development Manager Energy Proj, Kothes! Technische Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KG
PO132 Understanding the operational envelope of motion compensated access bridge systems
René Lindeboom, Project manager, MARIN
PO133 How do missing data affect your data-driven model? Monitoring fatigue loads in wind turbines with SCADA data
Luis Vera-Tudela, Researcher, ForWind – University of Oldenburg
PO134 Hitting target reliability levels by incorporating fundamental physics to improve predictions
Mark Spring, Principle Specialist – Renewables O&M, Lloyd’s Register
PO135 Advances in de-risking installation of bucket foundations
Per Magnus Sparrevik, Technical adviser, NGI
PO136 Marine Maintenance Synergies – Sharing costs within new market spaces
Ian Bryan, Director of corporate development, Global Marine Systems Limited
PO138 Evaluation of alternative O&M concepts and strategies
Matthias Henke, Director of German Operations, Wood Group – clean energy
PO139 LNG for offshore wind installation units
Douwe de Jong, Project Manager, GustoMSC
PO140 From prototypes to commercial facilities, lessons learnt from oil & gas projects
Garron Lees, Business development manager, DORIS Engineering
PO141 Offshore Wind O&M Challenges Solutions: The Neptune Jack-up vessel assisted by the boomlock system
Nicolas Degand, General Manager, GeoSea Maintenance NV
PO142 Failure Rates in Offshore Wind Turbines: Reducing the Uncertainties and lowering the cost of energy
Benson Waldron, Head of Section, DNV GL
PO143 Opportunities for Cost Reductions in Offshore Wind Energy Logistics
Charlotte Hasager, Senior Scientist, DTU
PO144 Reducing Turbine Mechanical Loads Using Flow Model-Based Wind Farm Controller
Jonas Kazda, Doctoral Researcher, Technical University of Denmark
PO145 Value opportunity from Operational Data
Nenad Keseric, Operations Manager, Hywind & Sheringham Shoal, Statoil
PO146 Predicting failure behaviour – using mathematical statistics to estimate the bathtub curve.
Helene Seyr, PhD-Candidate, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU
PO148 Quantifying improvements in the installation of offshore wind farms
Roberto Lacal-Arantegui, Scientific Officer, European Commission
PO149 Enhanced Service Operations Vessel (SOV): Comparative Model Tests and DP Time-Domain Simulations of an SOV with Voith Schneider Propeller and Azimuth Thrusters
Dirk Jürgens, Vice President R&D, Voith Turbo Marine
PO151 Wind turbine condition monitoring feature extraction using the empirical wavelet transform
Pu Shi, Researche associate, Newcastle University
PO152 Use of helicopters to reduce downtimes and increase production
Matthias Henke, Director of German Operations, Wood Group – clean energy
PO153 Minimize Levelized cost of energy by O&M Co-operation models
Dennis Schiricke, Program Director Offshore Co-operations, Deutsche Windtechnik
PO154 A new, safe and efficient way of handling installation equipment: IQIP’s Combi Lifting Tool
Henk van Vessem, Technical Account Manager, IHC IQIP
PO155 Logistics and load-out sequencing of wind turbine generator components using improved stastical analysis.
James Russell, Director, Marine Equipment Division, Houlder Ltd
PO156 DP Positioning – Relative Position Referencing Goes Targetless
Sasha Heriot, Business Development Manager, Guidance Marine
PO156a Airbag inflator technology for wind turbines fire extinguishing systems
Evrad BORG, Engineer, Airbus Safran Launchers

Health & Safety

PO158 Simulator Training for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency in Offshore Wind Operations
Søren Einar Veierland, Business Development Manager, Kongsberg Digital AS
PO159 Update on the G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation Work Programmes
Kate Harvey, General Manager, G+ Global offshore Widn Health and Safety Organisation
PO160 The Hywind Risk Management Experience: From Hywind Demo to Pilot Park
Arve Sandve, Principal Consultant, Lloyd’s Register
PO161 Empowering Engineering Excellence: Training 310.000 professionals.
Jan van der Tempel, CEO, Delft Offshore Turbine (DOT)
PO162 Standardisation of Offshore Wind Substations: Fire- and blast resistant sandwich panels.
Berend Groeneveld, Managing Director, InterDam B.V.
PO165 Management of Offshore Transmission Owner (OFTO) Systems – Practical Considerations and Lessons Learned
Alistair Parlett, High Voltage Systems Manager, Natural Power
PO165a Complete training packages – Rescue teams and remote casualty care on operational offshore wind farms
Tom O’Shea, Training Solutions Manager, NWFTC

Environmental Impacts & Spatial Planning

PO166 Surveying the seabirds of Ka’ula Island using high resolution aerial imagery
Simon Warford, Quality Assurance Manager, APEM
PO168 Assessing avoidance rates of seabirds at offshore wind farms from aerial digital images
Stuart Clough, Director, APEM
PO169 Unexploded Ordnance; not so simple
Peter McCusker, Project manager, EDF Energy Renewables Ltd
PO170 Real-world application of Danish guidelines for underwater noise to the Horns Rev 3 substation
Benjamin Trimoreau, Consultant, Lloyd’s Register
PO171 Detecting displacement effects of offshore windfarms on red-throated divers wintering in the Outer Thames Estuary
Stephanie McGovern, Principal Biometrician, APEM
PO172 An Alternative Approach to Scour Monitoring Around Offshore Wind Turbines.
Philip Bishop, Project Manager – Oceanography, Fugro
PO173 Offshore wind power – spatial planning system and reconciliation of conflicting interests in Finnish territorial waters and exclusive economic zone
Kanerva Sunila, Doctoral Candidate, Aalto University
PO174 Noise mitigation reduces negative effects of pile driving on harbour porpoises
Thilo Liesenjohann, scientist/consultant, BioConsult SH GmbH & Co. KG
PO175 Aerial high definition video surveys – an advanced method to monitor marine mammals and seabirds
Kit Hawkins, Managing Director, HiDef Aerial Surveying
PO176 Automatic radar and acoustic systems to monitor bird migration and behaviour at offshore windfarms
Alexander Schubert, Consultant, BioConsult SH GmbH & Co. KG
PO177 Unexploded ordnance: innovative techniques for safe and efficient removal
Adrian Dann, Resident UXO expert, James Fisher Marine Services
PO178 Groundmodel and geohazard assessment for offshore wind farm and the importance of multi-disciplinary studies: the case of Dieppe le Tréport wind farm, offshore France
Ulysse Lebrec, Graduate Geologist, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)
PO179 Noise Reduction of UXO Detonations using Passive Acoustic Resonators
Mark Wochner, CEO, AdBm Technologies
PO180 How Acoustic Deterrent Devices offer greater confidence in marine mammal safe guarding during installation
Olivia Burke, Associate, Carbon Trust
PO181 Enabling and advancing maritime Multi-Use Installation (MUI) technologies to enhance offshore wind farm development
Wei He, Principal Engineer, Statoil ASA
PO181a Aerial imaging techniques for the world’s largest offshore wildlife survey
Stuart Clough, Researcher, APEM

Integrating Wind Power

PO182 An elemental study of optimal wind power plant control
Karl Merz, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research
PO183 Coordinated control of DFIG-based offshore wind power plant connected to a single VSC-HVDC operated at variable frequency
Mikel De-Prada Gil, PhD Fellow, IREC
PO185 Optimization of offshore platform transformers – how can they support LCOE targets?
Pawel Prylinski, Global Account Manager for Wind Segment, ABB
PO186 Overall approach of the harmonic issues in offshore windfarms
Antoni Dalmau Pons, Project Engineer, Tractebel Engineering
PO187 Multi-terminal Offshore Grid for the North Sea Region for 2030 and 2050 Scenarios
Matti Koivisto, Postdoc, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
PO188 Forecasting conductor temperature and soil coverage of export and array cables using real time thermal rating on a distributed temperature sensing system.
Jozua van Oosterom, Senior consultant, Energy Solutions
PO189 Testing LVRT capabilities of wind converters oriented to offshore in a low scale test bench considering dynamic oscillations.
Markel Zubiaga, R&D PhD Engineer, Ingeteam Power Technology S.A.
PO190 New solutions for offshore wind grid access
Peter Menke, Productportfolio Manager, Siemens AG
PO192 A Path To Low Risk £75/MWh UK Offshore Wind
Ines Tunga, IDCORE Research Engineer, Energy Technologies Institute
PO193 Integrating wind power – Installation of Floating Turbine Export and Dynamic Riser Cables
Ian Bryan, Director of corporate development, Global Marine Systems Limited
PO195 Self-contained off shore constant power plant
Stefan Tarkovacs, Chairman, Tar Kovacs Systems
PO196 Inertial Response Control for Frequency Regulation in Japanese Power System
Jingting Qi, Master student, Yokohama National University
PO197 Generic Electrical Models for HVDC-connected Offshore Wind Power Plants
Ömer Göksu, Postdoc, Technical University of Denmark
PO198 On-Shore MML power converters for the connection of Diode Rectifier Units
Ramon Blasco-Gimenez, Professor, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
PO199 Concert – Control and uncertainties in real-time power curves of offshore wind power plants
Gregor Giebel, Senior Research Scientist, DTU Wind Energy
PO201 Step-wise stochastic optimisation of transmission grid for offshore wind farm clusters
Harald G Svendsen, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research
PO202 Simulation and test procedures of selected HV components for Next generation offshore DC grid connection.
Thomas Hammer, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Siemens AG