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Marie Christine Marghem

Marie Chistine Marghem

Marie Chistine Marghem has been Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, Federal Government of Belgium since October 2014. Her duties include such issues as the energy transition and global warming.

She is a member of MR (Mouvement réformateur, the liberal French-speaking Belgian political party) and a member of ALDE at the European level. She holds degrees in law from the Universities of Liège and Leuven.

Summary of her political activities

  • Municipal counsellor of Tournai since 1994
  • Alderman of finance of Tournai from 2000 till 2006
  • Federal Member of Parliament since May 2003
  • President of the Special Commission ‘DEXIA’ (banking crisis)
  • Member of the Special Commission investigating sexual abuse in the Church
  • Initiated the “Marghem law” compensating victims of exceptional catastrophes (as a result of the industrial accident at Ghislenghien)
  • Member of the Commissions of Justice, Finance and Reform of Institutions
  • First alderman of Tournai, responsible for Territory Planning and Urbanism since December 2012